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Long Island Volvo Battery Charging & Replacement Services In Bay Shore

MB Automotive in Bay Shore knows that you have probably been faced with a dead car battery. Charging your car battery is a simple process if you follow a few simple steps. We want drivers in Long Island to always do the following things before charging a battery.

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Always make sure that the battery has the appropriate amount of water inside. You can check the level by removing the plastic covers on top of the battery. The water level beneath the cover should be visible. If not, be sure to raise the water levels and let the car sit for a short period before charging.

You will also want to be sure that there is no corrosion on the battery terminals. A build-up of corrosion can prevent a full charge. You can remove any corrosion with baking soda or a piece of sandpaper. Always wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning your car’s battery terminals.

Get Your Volvo’s Battery Serviced with Our Team!

MB Automotive in Bay Shore is proud to offer you premium battery inspection services to determine if your battery is flat or dead. Flat batteries still have the ability to be recharged and we will effectively accomplish this for you. However, if your battery is dead then it’s obviously time for a replacement. We have brand new batteries in stock of different grades depending on if you are concerned with longevity. The more expensive options will last a longer time, but there’s nothing wrong with lesser ones either.

MB Automotive In Bay Shore is dedicated to working on your Volvo to get the battery in working order or replace it entirely with friendly and reliable service. We fully understand how to service your car with ease and will accomplish the job quickly as you stay informed throughout the process.

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Battery Replacements

If your battery is dead then it’s time to get it replaced at our Authorized Volvo Repair Center in Bay Shore as we are certified to handle the procedure with care and professionalism. You will never have to worry about it being replaced in the wrong way or with a subpar battery that doesn’t last long because we operate with knowledge and integrity across all business dealings.

If you keep up with taking your car in to check the battery, then you will effectively reduce the risk of it dying on the road because we can gauge when you should consider a new one. It’s wise to establish a time to replace the battery no matter what because that way you won’t have to worry about jumping it on the road at an inconvenient time. In some cases, it won’t even start which can be a difficult situation that requires a tow or perhaps a mobile mechanic to bring a replacement to you.

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